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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Meta MoCo This Week

This week’s MoCo picks.

+ Johnston Marklee & Associates' Sale House in Venice, California @ Arkinetia, “the Sale House replaces a 1920’s bungalow destroyed by fire. The fire left behind an annex building at the rear of the lot. Commonly known as the 2-4-6-8 House, the annex is a two story studio and garage designed by Morphosis in 1978. Taking 2-4-6-8 as a starting point for a new host structure, the Sale House acknowledges the historical pedigree of its esteemed neighbor while reversing the process by which it was generated. The new design repeats and integrates the historical structure, simultaneously preserving the original function of 2-4-6-8 and producing new variations on a Los Angeles classic.”.

+ Andrew Maynard’s Quon Modular prefab is in production and manufacturing. Via TreeHugger.

+ Divided Sideboard #2 by Front and Backpack Sofa (above) by Hella Jongerius @ Dezeen.

+ Industrial Facility‘s locost flatware design for Taylor’s Eye Witness and Jersey an oven dish set for Whirlpool that is freezer, oven and dishwasher proof. Via Dezain.

+ Yonoh Design Studio‘s modular Marco sofa, “The arms and support rests are detachable and interchangeable, making re-arrangement an ease.”. Via Core77.

+ Lund University Industrial Design students Jacob von Matern and Fredrik Hylten-Cavallius’ NIM bike, “comprised of a carbon fiber twill shell and a foam core, making it super light but extra strong.”. Another notable feature, where the chain should be there’s a belt… Via Core77.

+ Tubor‘s MODUM radiator system works with either water or electricity and can be outfitted with a range of accessories including an AM/FM radio, a perfume diffuser and an ioniser. Via Hemfeber.

+ Wanju Kim‘s Cactus chandelier, “made from hand-bent EEFL-lamp, revealing a beauty that is usually hidden when only used as a backlight for a computer screen.” @ WMMNA.

+ Indesit’s Moon washing machine, “you can see from a glance if your washing is ready – the front, extremely clean with central coloured and semi-transparent porthole, is illuminated by LEDs from the main interface that indicate the stage of the programme.”. Via Trendoffice.

+ Nova Consul’s Aquarela dry erase fridge, “The entire exterior of the fridge is covered in dry erase board finish, making the whole thing one big canvas.”. Via Apartment Therapy via Gizmodo.

+ The Culla Belly co-sleeper attaches to a bed or can stand alone. Via swissmiss.

+ Tomoaki Yanagisawa‘s modular Luminos light bricks use light sensors to light up. Watch the movie. Via Yanko Design.

+ VernissageTV‘s MyHome (Home Stories) / Vitra Design Museum video, “leading designers and architects of the younger generation turn the Vitra Design Museum into a visionary living space”.

+ Joris Laarman’s Ivy climbing wall/stairs, “An adventurous decoration that works as a free-climbing wall to see your ‘over designed’ interior from a different perspective or find alternative routes to go upstairs.”. Via labour of heart*.

+ Guy Michael Davis’ Canopy are “easy to install porcelain sculptures [that] can be mounted anywhere. The branch like textures bring the outside inside with an unusual resemblance to familiar natural structures.”. Via Bloesem.

+ buroMARSILLE‘s PAUZEBANKEN perforated metal sofa. Via pan-dan.

+ DesignNotes by Michael Surtees interviews Ilkka Terho, CEO of Valvomo, “just a bunch of guys in their twenty’s trying everything.”.