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Monthly Archives: July 2007

MoCo Submissions

Recent MoCo submissions.

+ Walking Chair’s sound you sit in, SONIC-CHAIR a design installation by Holger Fritzlar, Frank Hussong, Michael Kientzler & Daniela Reuter. "The open design ensures a resonance-receptive, well-balanced sound environment. The active and passive sound insulation creates an acoustic island. Background noises will not disrupt the enjoyment of music or an audio book in the sonic chair, and what the listener chooses to hear is hardly audible beyond the chair.".

+ NONESISTE design LAB and Romolo Stanco’s Via.g.r.a. lamp, developed in co-operation with “physicist Stefano Besseghini – a ‘living lamp’, embryonic and morpho-organic articles that come to life, move and react as living creatures stimulated by light.”. Watch the video.

+ Zaha Hadid and Patrik Schumacher’s FLOW vase for Serralunga “with a sinuous shape, different from any point you look at, made in polyethylene… [FLOW] sets up a new typology of the design product, pot and sculpture, a sinuous object through which Cartesian geometries are transformed into a continuous surface.”.

+ Jeff Miller’s Littlebig chair for Baleri-Italia, whose seat cantilevers from the front edge of the frame, is now available with a polished aluminium tube frame, in a variety of configurations, as well as light and dark oak. Use the top of the frame as a handle or coat hanger.

+ Brazil’s Crochet Jardim grows crocheted cacti, sea vegetation and mushrooms.

+ The Stud Chair influenced by Bugatti’s Cobra chair, and Cheese Ceiling Light, a piece of paper held closed with clothes pegs, are end of year projects by Aiste Gureviciute at the University of Wales Institute Cardiff.