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Monthly Archives: September 2007

The Hover Collection

The sleek Hover Collection by Danish designer Kristoffer Kjaer is a gorgeous selection of streamlined pieces. This haute couture furniture, as described by Kjaer, has clean lines that combine minimalism with traditional craftsmanship. The sofa is available in 2 finishes, but the contrast between the black and the walnut is especially appealing. We have included a back view as well, and you’ll see why. The daybed is just as zen, and the collection of tables shows that Hover is there to do a job with style and subtlety.


MoCo Submissions

+ Brandon Norsted’s Bevege Felt Chair is a combination of recycled industrial felt, fibreglass and resin. The felt, impregnated with epoxy, sandwiches several layers of fibreglass to keep the form, thereby avoiding the need for any armatures or framework underneath.

+ Velvet is the new sofa by Sand & Birch, a ribbon of velvet-covered wood and polyurethane that spirals into seating.

+ This laser cut curved fruit bowl by Monito Design in Chile has nine spaces where fruit can rest comfortably.

+ Andy Kem’s Bent Ply Chair is an attractive seating option, but the details in this design take it even further.

4 Flickr Finds

+ This A-frame dollhouse, designed by Christopher Robin Nordstrom for Our Children’s Gorilla, and based on the original Andrew Geller design allows dolls from most socioeconomic brackets to enjoy leisure time.

+ There is set of photos of the construction of a recent Flat Pak house in the Catskills of New York. Unfortunately there are no images of the completed building.

+ More Corian in the form of a Sterling Surfaces countertop for the Riverhouse condominiums in New York.

+ Tiogruppen is a store in Stockholm, which functions as an outlet for the work of ten Swedish textile designers.

Living: In Small Spaces

I’m intrigued by this title, due out later this month, for two reasons, 1) it’s by Loft Publications, who’ve got a good track record and 2) for the book description in Amazon; “Is a large canvas really necessary to paint a masterpiece? The obvious answer would be that the size of the canvas and the brilliance of a work of art bear no relation. Does this also apply to interior design? Is a creative, elegant and cozy design possible in a 30-40m2 apartment? This book proves that it is… The final result is a philosophy of life based on the small, flexible and adaptable. Not only has the size of our apartments changed, but with it our lifestyle.”. Urban nomads take note. Living small requires a surprisingly large number of pages, this paperback edition has 356 pages, all no doubt well illustrated, for $23.07 at Amazon.

+ Living: In Small Spaces at Amazon

MoCo Submissions

+ Eduardo Baroni’s ZONZA rocking chaise (how decadent is that?) was just launched last week. ZONZA is made of water resistant wood, so is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

+ Normann Copenhagen’s new product is Woofy, the dog who will tuck your cables in his tummy to avoid the ever-present cable spaghetti. Very tidy, for a pet.

+ What can you do with a whole basketball? Chile’s Onceneto turned one into 4 bowls.

+ The Duo, by Pro2, is a streamlined two-seater bench that is also available as a 4-seater.