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Monthly Archives: November 2007

MoCo Submissions

+ DNA11 is releasing a new form of art: the KISS portrait. Finally a use for those perfect kiss marks we leave on bits of tissue. Now, using a MAC Viva Glam lipstick, we kiss with purpose, send the KISS sheets back to DNA11 and they will turn it into a giclée print in the colours of our choice.

+ Sebastian Gronemeyer’s Orchid Lounge Chair is one part moulded fibreglass shell and one part tubular steel base. Included is a feather duster to keep the underside (where mags and papers can be stored) free of dust.

+ Melissa Borrell’s POP OUT jewellery now comes in new shapes and shades, as well as linked versions. All are beautiful pieces that can simply be popped out of the metal base and popped into action.

+ Neil Foley’s Twig fruit bowl, or holder rather, is a branch-like accessory in stainless steel that is meant to evoke picking fruit from a tree. Via DesignFlute.

2 Questions for Brodie Neill

brodie_neill_designer.jpgWe are fans of Brodie Neill and were pleased to see him exhibiting during the London Design Festival. Neill’s pieces have drawn comparison with those of Lovegrove and Hadid, but when we look at them we can barely concentrate long enough to remember what their names are, let alone the names of other designers. The new @chair below is highly coveted, but those E-Turns! There were some interesting comments the last time we featured his work, so we thought the best thing to do was to ask Brodie more about his designs.


We recently saw your new piece, Pebble, during the London Design Festival. Its shape and mix of day-glo colours seem a departure for you. Can you tell us the inspiration for this piece?
The Pebble is the second of two pieces that share the same name. The original Pebble is made from a pre-laminated stack of wood that was 5-axis CNC cut into its final form with the random pattern of missing sections.

The second Pebble was shown as an alternative or ‘evil twin brother’ of the finely finished original.