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Monthly Archives: May 2008

The Golf Outdoor Stacking Set

The Golf Outdoor Stacking Set is a must have for those who loves the great outdoors. The set compromises of four stylish contemporary chairs¬† and a table that can be stacked together to form a golf ball looking, sculpture. You can purchase it from In… isn’t a typical store we’d review for Apartment Therapy, but we stumbled onto it and it cracked us up. If you’re looking to bring a little Claus Oldenburg-style humor to your apartment, you might want to check them out. Need a giant…

Ultra Modern Vanitiy and Bathroom Design from Bandini

Do these bathroom vanities look Italian or what? It is true Bandini of Italy takes great pride in an explosive look with bold shapes and colors to create their version of the most modern bathroom design around. Shown here are their Luce, Onda, and Atmo…

13 Amazing Cirque du Soleil Performances – One Mans Blog

13 Amazing Cirque du Soleil Performances

Hof 04

Putting a label on the Hof 04 is akin to sacrilege. This multi-functional piece of furniture composed of three part that can be assembled into any nine configurations.¬† One can squat, lounge around, and use it to watch TV. The possibilities are limit…