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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Rooftop Gardens in New York City

Original Source Today while I was surfing on Flickr I’ve found a set of pictures by an user called Jwilly’s entitled “Rich People Rooftops NYC”. The collection of pictures shows us rooftop gardens over the penthouses of New York, but is also a good example of what happends when you live in a big city. […]

MoCo Submissions

MoCo Submissions + ONE is a new duo of rings by Studio Bloomm available in gold or silver that fit together, tongue and groove, when united by the wearers. + Dima Loginoff’s C-Stool is a stool/armchair hybrid. It borrows from the style of a traditional, albeit super sleek, armchair, but its height dictates that it […]

Fiesta Bar Sinks – Serve in style

Fiesta Bar Sinks – Serve in style Shilpidpathak: The concept of having a mini bar in your drawing room is not new. Entertaining friends at a small informal party becomes easier if you can serve right at your home. But then, every time you make a drink, moving to the sink in the kitchen to […]

Space-saver kitchen furniture from Cancio

Space-saver kitchen furniture from Cancio Jashmine: Sometimes morning hours become so busy that you may forget to have your tea or breakfast. Everything is ready and set on the dining table at time, but your hastiness may not permit you to take that. Isn’t it? Of course, the dining table can not be shifted into […]

Fickett home in LA Times

Fickett home in LA Times Wow- love this amazing home in today’s LA Times. I especially love the wall shelf thing in the living room. I could see DIY-ing a smaller scale version by clustering some of those wall shelf things you can find at most discount stores, like Target or something. I love how […]